Various industries like medical, security or those 24-hours services, etc. have employees working on rotating shifts. Working such shifts could be tough, especially if it is the first time you are in such scenario and have not yet get accustomed.

Having difficulties in managing your body clock, lack of sleep, irregular eating schedules, lack of exercises, unhealthy snacking habits are some consequences of working the night shifts that can affect your work-life balance.

If you find yourself in such position with the above signs, making no changes to your lifestyle could potentially put your health at risk. Health issues like insomnia, weight gain and other more serious illnesses could arise.

There are ways to help you stay healthy and still survive working on rotating shifts! Examples are:

Maintain a consistent sleep schedule. Being shift workers, you need to rotate your sleeping schedule. Start by adjusting your body clock where you can train yourself by rotating your sleep schedule to get your body accustomed to such sleeping habits. The consistent sleep schedule helps your body to adapt, and you can work optimally at the shift you are in.

Exercise at work. There are no excuses to not exercising. It is essential to keep yourself fit and healthy by doing simple exercises at work or once you are home before getting the sufficient rest you need. Exercises like stretching, squats, walking up and down the stairs are some simple exercise you can do.

Avoid energy drinks and large caffeine intake. It is common for shift workers to consume energy drinks or lots of caffeine to boost their stamina and keep themselves awake. If you are already addicted to these drinks, be warned! Energy drinks consist a high content of sugar and unhealthy ingredients which poses health risks in a long run. It is not recommended to consume such drinks on a daily basis. Instead, you can opt for healthier alternatives like fruits (in juices format is possible too!) to have the same results.

For example, apples. Apples have the same effect as drinking coffee (staying awake) and Bananas can boost your stamina in a long run. Such are healther alternatives you can choose!  

But of course, you can still consume such energy drinks or caffeine but moderately. Keep in mind that your health is important!  

Food & Snacks. Food like burgers, pizzas, instant noodles and other ready-to-served food are some favourite meals as they are easy to access and commonly operates 24-hours. Snacks like chips, chocolates, sweets and cookies are also delicious and commonly sold in 24-hours conveniences stores.

However, consuming such food and snacks in a long run could jolly affect your health. Rather, opt for healthier food and snacks. Stock up on fruits, nuts, raisins, and almond at the office! Such snacks help you to feel full and decrease your temptation to call a quick delivery from fast food joints etc.

For meals intake, you can still have your regular meals consumption. For example, when you are home from a night shift, you can have a light breakfast before resting. Before work, you can have your next meal, and while preparing for work, you can also make home cooked meals for you to bring to your office for the next meal time. After that, if you are tempted to snack, snack on the healthier alternatives mentioned!

More efforts are needed to be consistent in upkeeping the healthy habits but what is more important than keeping yourself healthy? Suffering your health can cause long-termed effects, and it could ultimately cost you your job too. Never too late to start!

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