The “firsts” in life are always scary, especially when it comes to the first job interview; nothing can be more daunting. Whether it’s face-to-face or online , the good news is (as a general rule of thumb) if you take simple steps and precautions, you can convert your D-day into one of your best experiences ever. Read on to find some easy and effective tips for job interview. [more…]

Polish your intellect

  1. Research: A valuable research calls for an impressive knowledge about the company, the position you are applying for, and the interviewer. Research the company’s profile, achievements, and background. Know as much about the company as feasible. You should always be prepared to talk in depth about the organization, industry, and the position you are applying for. This will certainly give you an edge over the other candidates. Also, try learning your interviewer’s name and the job position. You may call the company for this purpose.
  2. Anticipate: Based on the research you have done, try anticipating some possible questions for job interview. Start from basic questions such as “why do you need the job”, “what have been your experience in the industry”, and others. Later, move on to other more complex and industry oriented questions. A prior comprehension and expectation of these questions for job interview will help you feel a lot more comfortable during the interview.
  3. Practice: Like any other important task, it is a must to practice for a successful job interview. Practice giving complete and concise answers with appropriate terminology. Ensure that you aren’t speaking too slow or too fast, and state your answers with confidence. You can also start by practicing with a peer in order to obtain feedback in a more relaxed setting, which will allow you to gain greater confidence before subjecting yourself to a less forgiving environment.

Take Command over your body language

Just like a first date, the most vital visual during the interview is you, and a great amount of this “visual you” is conveyed through your body language. Remember, every tiny movement and action of yours is being observed from the moment you enter the room, sit down, interact, and finally go out. Practicing beforehand in the mirror is a great way to hone this skill.

You must maintain a poised and active posture throughout. Also, observe your gestures when you speak.

  • Keep your chin parallel to the floor and spine erect, and make confident moves. Maintain open handed gestures to build trust and rapport with your interviewers.
  • Make meaningful eye contact with one interviewer at a time for 3-6 seconds.
  • Lastly, no matter how stressed or nervous you may feel, give a dazzling, confident smile to put yourself and the interviewer at ease. A real genuine smile will engage your zygomatic muscles that are responsible for bringing laugh lines near the eyes, communicating friendliness and openness.
  • Dress in your best formal way. Choose conservative shades, crisp clothes and minimal accessories. Avoid wearing strong fragrances and keep your hair off your face.

Infuse Self-Confidence

If you are an otherwise grumbling person, keep your thoughts at bay while you are preparing for your interview. Employ a simple mantra of “think well and feel good”. Recall your past achievements. Believe in the positive you. Keep track of small events that are directly proportional to your confidence levels. On the big day itself, ensure that you have done the following:

  • Organize your interview supplies, documents, and make sure to carry extra copies of your CV.
  • Don’t skip a healthy breakfast as a good breakfast improves the functioning of your brain and boosts alertness.
  • Reach at least 15 minutes before the scheduled time. You need to acquaint yourself with the environment to fit into it.
  • Check for bad breath and utilize the additional time to freshen yourself up by using a mouthwash.

By implementing the above stated interview tips in your preparation strategy, you should be able to perform assertively and with greater ease on your interview day.

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