Everyone longs to find that perfect, meaningful job that is in line with our greatest passions, and makes us spring out of bed every morning positively raring to go. Considering that we spend the majority of our lives at our jobs, it is certainly important to find work opportunities that create personal fulfillment for ourselves, or find it somehow in our current jobs – or we will end up living a large part of our lives feeling a dreary sense of futility. [more…]


Find the Right Job

The most crucial point would definitely be the moment you are looking out for work opportunities. Do not settle for the first job that opens its doors to you – make sure that you research thoroughly the background of the company, the company culture, and so on.

Have a chat with the current employees to get more information about the company, and see if what you find out is in line with your values and passions. If not, it’s time to start hunting again.


Make the Most of Your Job

If having to go to work every day makes going to the dentist seem like child’s play, then it’s time for remedial action. One way to find meaning in your job is to change your perspective. Rather than coming for work with a negative mindset, come with an open mind and look out for opportunities to create personal fulfillment.  For example, instead of focusing on the amount of work piled on your table, set up lunch appointments with your colleagues and build on those relationships, or think up initiatives for the company according to your interests. In other words, create value for yourself within the company – something to look forward to.


“Rather than coming for work with a negative mindset, come with an open mind and look out for opportunities to create personal fulfillment”


If you find the work you are currently doing mundane and uninteresting, take the initiative to give feedback to your boss. Ask for more challenging work (which I am sure he/she will be most glad to give to you), or request to take up new roles in the company. Hardly is a company ever running at maximum capacity – often, the management is always short-handed. Otherwise, you could always go the extra mile on the current projects you are handling, and impress your boss at the same time. In this sense, you are not only increasing your own productivity, you are also creating reasons for yourself to make it to work every day, instead of wasting your life away.


It is All Up to You

Ultimately, it is up to you to decide whether or not to create meaning in your job. It takes a certain amount of initiative to do so – laziness certainly will not cut it. Often, employees will end up discouraged and resigned to simply existing in the workplace and meeting the minimum requirements of their job scope – and in the process, missing out on any job satisfaction or personal fulfillment they could have created with a little extra effort. Switch your perspective, and your job could be the perfect opportunity to grow and learn.


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