Are you comfortable at your workplace? If yes, there is a chance that you’re enjoying it too much, and you weren’t able to be productive enough to meet your employer’s expectations. Indeed, it’s quite tricky to create a comfortable workspace, yet still be productive at the same time.

Employers have an obligation to create a pleasant work environment for the well-being of their employees. Plus, every workplace could benefit from some improvements. From increasing productivity of employees, to bigger impact such as greater profits.

Here are seven signs of a dream working environment:

1. It’s everybody’s choice

The boss may own the office (or the one who pay the rent) but allows the employees to give opinions about the workspace and decide together on the kind of environment they wish to work in since it is the employees that will be spending most of their time in this office.  

When a workspace is a loveable environment for everyone, they would love to stay there as long as they can.

2. Encouraging everyone to be healthier

A comfortable yet productive workspace values its employees’ health and well-being. The company might not be able to transform the office to be a gym, but they could have a few healthy perks or even better, provide you with unlimited healthy snacks!

3. It inspires many

Some companies showcase some of the best quotes in the world inside the office. It reminds everyone to be motivated and be better every single day. Perhaps you can suggest putting some quote paintings or similar in the office. (again, decide as a team).

4. It’s spacious enough

Nobody feels comfortable in a crowded room, especially at work! Is your office spacious enough? A spacious environment allows employees to be more focused without breaking the team’s dynamic.

5. It has a quiet/break room

Some of the employees need a quiet environment to work when they have to focus. Does your office provide such a room (or rooms) in this case? It’s a ‘special’ room for everybody to calm down, relax, collect their thoughts while searching for innovative ideas or solutions.

6. It’s lively

A  comfortable working environment will also mean working in a vibrant environment with a good amount of sunlight streaming through. Also, have you heard? Adding plants to your workspace can boost your productivity too!

7. It’s all about good relationships

The workspace might be physically perfect, but if the boss and the employees don’t have good relationships, it won’t matter a lot. A great workplace is usually filled with happy people who support each other. It might be the last, but certainly not the least.

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