Are you currently on internship? Chances are, you want to be an outstanding intern. You should not be really slacking off in the office, because internship is the golden opportunity for you to gain plenty of working experiences.

If you can perform well during the internship, the company might just offer to hire you to be their full time employee in the near future! It depends on the your qualities and capabilities. Basically, every company has a certain set of expectations for each intern.

However, generally, there are essential qualities that companies expect from an intern. Those qualities are:

1. Enthusiasm

Do you really see the internship as a fantastic opportunity to work in a great company? If so, make sure that everyone else in the office feel your genuine enthusiasm. People at work will appreciate that, since you will be contributing more than they are expected.

2. Initiative

We always see many interns confused about everything in the office. Don’t be. There are ways to be better than that by taking initiatives. When an intern takes initiatives, the boss and/or supervisor will find them helpful. Thus, try to deliver what your boss needs, even before he or she asks!

3. Trustworthy

The company might present confidential information to their interns. Thus, any company would appreciate an intern who has high integrity and can be trusted, since being an insider means they should not be talking to outsiders regarding the company’s crucial information.

Of course, no company would be happy if one of their former interns can’t keep insider information safe.

4. Brave

Yes, an intern is someone new. Not to mention that most of them are inexperienced. But, there is no need to feel inferior, because it won’t get you far. As mentioned before, internships are about gaining experiences, fresh from the practitioners. Do not waste your time by feeling little about yourself!

Moreover, do not be afraid to ask questions. It is better to avoid mistakes by asking questions in advance. Hence, you can ask a lot of questions as long as it is appropriate. Everyone in the office understands that an intern is inexperience and would require advice from time to time.

5. Listen, observe and learn

Being an intern means you should be a good listener and observant at the same time. The key is to be quick to listen. Plus, take note of everything you learn from the workplace. You should spend your time to listen good advices from your peers and superiors. Luckily, you can learn a lot from them. From their working style, habits, to the way they handle different situations. Those are priceless things you can get during your internship.

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